• Zata Ismah
  • Nofi Susanti
  • Zulfikar Abdul Aziz
  • Fauziah Ramadhani
  • Ridha Roihan


Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, Sleep Quality, Urban and Rural Population


An estimated 150 million people worldwide and at least 17% of the population of developing countries experience sleep problems. The purpose of this study was to see an overview of sleep quality in urban and rural areas, Pantai Labu District. This study is a quantitative study with a retrospective cohort design. The population of this research is people aged> 18 years who live in Pantai Labu District, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra Province. The comparison of exposure (rural) and non-exposure (urban) samples in this study was 1: 1 by taking a minimum sample of 91 people for each group, so that the total sample was 182 people. The instrument used was the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index questionnaire. The proportion of poor sleep quality is high in rural areas. The results of statistical tests found a significant difference in sleep quality between rural and urban population areas (P. value 0.01; alpha 5%). Rural residents are 1.5 times more likely to have poor sleep quality (RR 95% CI 1.14 - 1.98) than urban residents. A significant difference in sleep quality index scores is found in the disturbance indicator at the sleep stage where the villagers have an average score of 12 (moderate disturbance), compared to urban residents who have an average score of 9 (mild disturbance). Based on the topographical area, the proportion of people with poor sleep quality is quite high in rural areas which is probably due to several things, including community activities at night. Suggestions in the form of providing education to the public are important to do so that people care more about their sleep patterns by health center officers or other health workers. The community also needs to change behaviors that risk causing poor sleep quality


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