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Mindfulness, Hypertension, Symptom Management


Hypertension is cardiovascular disease that increasing, many symptom that caused oh hypertension such as insomnia, headache, high blood pressure, anxiety and many more that caused quality of life decrease. The application of mindfulness therapy to be expected provide benefit in symptom management of hypertension.The purpose of this article was to explore the evidence about the application of mindfulness therapy for symptoms management in hypertension. We conducted a literature review in several database such as PubMed, Science Direct in July 2022.  We use the search terms “mindfulness” OR “behavioral therapy” AND “hypertension” OR “high blood pressure”. Only RCT and clinical trial included that discuss about intervention to maintain symptoms hypertension patient. There are 11 articles that included that discuss about the mindfulness application to maintain symptoms of hypertension. There are 11 articles that summarize and all articles with RCT and Clinical trial using mindfulness intervention such as Mind-Body Practice Relaxation Response(MB-RR), Mind-Body Stress Reduction, Mindfulness based Blood Pressure Reduction (MB-BP), Chi-Running, Purse-lip breathing, MBSR-ELDERSHINE, Yoga  Mindfulness in Motion (MM),Mindfulness based cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness Meditation . There are intervention that use into management symptoms of hypertension. This literature review conclude that mindfulness have the beneficial effect on management symptoms of hypertension. Mindfulness provide the psychological approach to maintain the physiological response that could lower the blood pressure of hypertensive participants but also target mechanism must be more exploration.


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