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children, education, suicide, parents


Children are the younger generation, mother’s father’s hope, the nation because it will be the next generation, but the children are the young men, the souls on a journey of life is easily affected by the circumstances around to wich children need to be cared for and well accompanied by their parents. Children as social cretures are vulnerable and weak, but often placed in most disadvantaged position, it has no right to make a sound and even they are often victims of violence and violation of their rights (R.A. Kosnan, 2022). The United States as a developed country has the highest case in child suicide by 44,965 a year with an average of 123 cases a day and the amount of losses the country has at 51 billion dollars a year (AFSP, 2020). Some signs of suicide on a child that needs to be watched by family ang those closest to them in order no to happen is that there is non verbal communication, more often as a suicide threat, an idea of suicide that can be reported on itself or reported on to others. Ribeiro et al research result, (2018) show that suicide attempts (47,80%), followed by death (40,50 %) and suicide ideas (11,60 %). Because it’s very important to watch ang recognize signs of suicide in a child. One of the right efforts to do is to educate both parents about child suicide behavior and prevention of using leafletmedia that easy to understand and remember. Destination: increased knowledge and awareness of the parent’s grup in Suka Maju areas of suicidal behavior in the child and its prevention. Methods: this research is a simple experiment that uses questionnaire sheets for pre-test and post-test, who could assess the change in knowledge of the responder before and after education. This activity was carried out in July 2023 to 20 responders who fit the criteria. Result: these has been a change in the degree of knowledge of the responder where 80% (16 people) responders have a good level of knowledge and 20% (4 people) responders have had enough knowledge. The conclusion: the knowledge of the group of parents in Kelurahan Suka Maju is good and they already understand ways to prevent suicidal risk behavior in children.


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