Author Guidelines

Read carefully the author's guidelines in submitting the manuscript as follows:

  1. Access the Open Journal System by visiting the page;
  2. Register according to the registration guide;
  3. Do the writing of articles based on the following structure of the script (article template):
  4. Title. The title is written in Indonesian or English with a maximum of 15 words;
  5. Abstract. Abstracts are written in Indonesian (except articles written in English) and English which contain the main issues, research objectives, methods / approaches, results and recommendations. Abstract written in one paragraph, not more than 250 words. (Times New Roman 11, spacing 1, and aligned right and left), a maximum of 1 page;
  6. Keywords. Key words maximum 5 words;
  7. Section Structure. Manuscript preparation includes Introduction, Methods, Results and Analysis, Conclusions and References or Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion, and Conclusions;
  8. Bibliography. Writing the script and the citations referred to in this manuscript is recommended to use a reference manager such as Mendeley, Zotero, Reffwork, Endnote and others. Bibliography is a list that has citations / citations in this article at least references in the last 5 years for journals and proceedings then for books in the last 10 years). The contents of the bibliography are written in Times New Roman font, size 12, single space with APA (American Psychological Association) Style. The number of reference sources that are used as a bibliography of scientific literature (80% primary references and 20% secondary references). Primary reference sources, such as journals, research reports, and proceeding papers.
  9. Fill in the statement of authenticity of the manuscript and the statement of submission of copyright of the manuscript
  10. Submit journal articles (Submit Guide)